Prophet or Madman

Today’s blog is a review of our play by the Morning News folks from WPIX in New York.  Enjoy! (And please come, if you can.  We’d love to meet you!)

New York, NY- On January 27, 2011 the creators of Belief Net’s new web series,,
will open the stage version of “the lighter side of higher
consciousness” with their performance of The Ice Cream Man Cometh at the
historical 13th Street Theatre in Greenwich Village.

God, a Seinfeld Character, and an Ice Cream Man

When: January 27 and 28 at 7:30 Where: The 13th Street Theatre
January 29 at 3:30 and 7:30 50 West 13th St., NY, NY 10011

Both the play and the web series involve real life Bruce Adams, an ice
cream man from Fort Myers, Florida. After a life-altering conversation
with God, Adams wrote the book Prophet or Madman, and then enlisted the
help of publicity guru Steve Allen, head of,
whose team brainstormed a one-of-a-kind PR campaign. “Let’s not only
create a web series around Bruce, let’s write and produce a play in New
York, film it, and include it in the web series.” Allen, who just
happens to be a former actor and Seinfeld alumnus (the Father of the
Ugly Baby), combines his acting and publicity skills by sharing the
stage with Adams in The Ice Cream Man Cometh and promoting the play…
hence, this release. (Sounds like the makings of a Seinfeld episode)

In The Ice Cream Man Cometh, Adams plays himself as he interacts with
Allen as Sunshine Steve, a cynical TV reporter, who is interviewing
Adams for the local morning news in Fort Myers. Sunshine Steve has
pressing problems of his own that bubble to the surface during the
interview, and he grudgingly turns to Adams for advice. A third
character lends comic and cosmic relief with an unexpected
appearance….the cherry on top. The play and the making thereof will be
filmed and included in the footage for the on-going web series,, which is featured on BeliefNet at //

In, the web series, Allen resurrects his
old character from Seinfeld days, the Father of the Ugly Baby. Together
with Adams, he launches a road trip in his ’89 Honda Civic. Along the
way, Pa (Father of the Ugly Baby/a.k.a. Steve Allen) and Scoop (the Ice
Cream Man/a.k.a. Adams), encounter family, friends and acquaintances of
Adams, as well as celebrities of all types, such as TV star Tony Denison
and rock star Mickey Avalon, all of whom dish on his authenticity and
attempt to answer the question, “Would God speak to an ice cream man?”