In real time, Bruce and Steve are now back in their respective homes after another successful run of our play, The Ice Cream Man Cometh, at the 13th Street Repertory Company in a cold and wintry New York City.  It seems everyone likes the play, so much that we’re thinking of making it a permanent part of our traveling road show.
In story time, tomorrow’s webisode focuses on the Reverend Donna Jean of Harmony Church in Tampa, Florida.  She a friend to Bruce and asked him to speak at her church during the time we made our first trip to Florida.  We saw a filming opportunity in this and boy, were we right!

It turns our that the good reverend has no shortage of opinions on matters both sublime and mundane.
As Bruce said during his sermon to her congregation, “Nothing needs to be fixed.  Everything is perfect.  You’re perfect.  We’re all perfect creations and as long as we can remember that, we’ll have the experience of perfection.”  At this point, Steve stops the tape for the purpose of introducing the woman who said, “Hollywood has come to the Emerald City,”  a slice of perfection in her own right, the good Reverend Donna Jean.
She sure didn’t need much coaching to get up a full head steam.  She’s so full of enthusiasm, all we had to do was set up our cameras and let ’em roll.  “Harmony is a state of being.  I don’t live in that chaos in the outside world.  I don’t live in fear.”   As you’ll see, Donna Jean is a fearless champion of harmony, higher consciousness and holding to the good, regardless of the ways of the world.
When we asked her about our work and how to proceed, she said, “You’re touching millions with this. You do your job, let Bruce do his.  Let the Holy Spirit work and your work, if you just surrender it, will be exactly what it needs to be.” 
Turns out, this is exactly what we are doing.  We’re surrendering “Prophet of Madman” to you, our good viewers and new friends, in the hope that it will help you to remember that harmony, indeed perfection, is our natural state of being (and put a little smile on your face for good measure).
There’s no charge for any of this.  All we ask you to pay is attention.  And, if you like what you see, we respectfully request that you tell all your friends.
Thanks ever so much and stay tuned!

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