Facial hair, beer and Walmart in Wisconsin (People of Walmart image)

There are many ways to experience humility, find that perfect moment when time seems to stop long enough for you to notice something simple and beautiful — and profound — about nature.

A sunset. Water tumbling over rocks in a mountain stream. An eagle soaring off a cliffside over its meadow domain. The wind in the autumn trees, caressing the orange and gold dappled leaves. Makes your heart swell with gratitude and awe, doesn’t it?

But for just plain realization of the inexplicable depth of God’s love for his creations, and the bottomless well of grace he grants us . . . there’s just nothing like visiting the People of Walmart website.

Good Lord, indeed. I mean, really, really good Lord.

I do believe I may have qualified to appear in this collection of bubbas, cretins both urban and rural, freaks and crazies, although that time or two I visited the local Walmart in sweats and sandals may not even warrant a snapshot in this crowd.

But the point is, I admit to the possibility of being included.

Take a gander at this menagerie of our brothers and sisters and consider their fashion, grooming and hygienic choices.

My Dad, the preacher, always assured me that Christ died for ALL of us. And beyond that, he forgives all sin.

Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, he said.

That said, I hope and pray he has a sense of humor, as well as compassion.

Take a look at http://www.peopleofwalmart.com.

Then, take a knee and thank the Good Lord for his truly boundless love and acceptance of every one of us misfits.

Happy shopping, and happy living.

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