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A while back I wrote about how various deities and/or prophets and sages did on Facebook. Jesus beat all comers in terms of Facebook “friends.” So, I shouldn’t have been surprised to find the Savior is also a Twitter sensation. …Read More

Michele Bachmann. Oh, man, how it hurts to be put a spot of defending her. To wit, her comment — obviously tongue-in-cheek as much as it was ill-advised and shoot-from-the-crazy-hip — linking the East Coast’s recent earthquake and Hurricane Irene …Read More

One hot August evening in 1963, my Dad, the preacher, my Mom and I gathered after dinner around our old black-and-white TV to watch the news. Flickering on the screens in shades of gray was a recap of something they …Read More

In a recent blog, I wrote about how Christians are increasingly becoming dissatisfied with traditional church – the big buildings; the pews; the three songs, an offering and sermon routines so long the fabric of Sunday worship. Underlying this disconnect …Read More

I’ve come to a seemingly contradictory conclusion: there is no faith without doubt. You cannot prove either that God exists, or that a Supreme Intelligence does not exist. Many have tried the former: Christians resorting to intellect and even mathematics …Read More

I have always loved the weather, relished feeling the elements. Ever since I was a boy, it has been that way. I’d go barefoot in the snow, stand in a downpour, huddle in a cave opening to watch sheet lightning …Read More

There are a couple good reasons I am, for now, viewing born-again Christian and Texas Gov. Rick Perry with some trepidation. Nothing personal — just on painful experience. One, the last time I voted for a politician who made his …Read More

If it hasn’t already, there will come a time when you experience a career setback. Whether loss of an expected promotion, reassignment to (seemingly) lesser duties, or sudden unemployment, that is a blow to self-esteem. Whether that blow is a …Read More

When it comes to keeping a statistical finger on evangelical Christianity, the Barna Group really has no peers. So, when George Barna and Co. tells you that church attendance is down nationwide, well, it is. In a survey released earlier …Read More

When I spotted this  Psychology Today headline, (“Does Reality TV Make Us Stupid?”), I almost spat my coffee all across the keyboard of my computer. My initial reaction? That would be a bemused, muttered “Ya think?” Well, now, having thought it through, …Read More