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I call my mom at least once a day. Today we talked about buying a scrabble app for her computer. Ninety- two years old and my mother is going to play scrabble on her Mac! How fabulous is this mother of mine!

I would normally go on to my next activity, but with a broken ankle I have time to reflect about this mother of mine; her sage advice dripping with wisdom and values for women of all ages. Grammas, moms and daughters will gain from reading this.

10 tips & observations on how to live a happy life:

1. My mother: “If people talk about you …you know you are not boring!”

2. My mother on fashion: “Never worry about what others think. Revel in how you feel.”

3. My mother on secrets: “A secret is a secret until you tell someone.”

4. My mother on children: “Remember my darling daughter one mother can take care of ten children; ten children cannot take care of one mother.”

5. My mother on girlfriends: “If you have a few, consider yourself lucky.”

6. My mother on skin care: “Use olive oil on your skin at night.”

7. My mother on the key to aging beautifully: “Exercise your face and your mind.”

8. My mother’s favorite book: Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham

9. My mother on marriage: “A woman makes a marriage.”

10. My mother on life: “Live in the moment. It is a gift.”

My mother is a gift. Your mother is a gift. There is no stronger love than that of a mother’s love.

Do Something GOOD Today: Appreciate the lessons your mother taught you.

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