Written By Susan Good, Gramma Good

Last night a friend asked me, “Rumor has it you are selling your home.” My answer was, “ Not today, but who knows about tomorrow.” And that is the story of life. Time will tell what 2014 will have in store for me.


There are two health regimes on my agenda for 2014. I am going to juice daily and I am going to take a course in meditation. I will take up unknown challenges that excite me or scare me. I may participate in the upcoming  political elections because I follow politics and would enjoy being involved.  I may finally take out my beautiful purple bike that I bought two years ago and takes rides by myself. I want to plan a trip to Rwanda and see the Silverback Gorillas and go to the North Pole to see the Polar Bears with my husband.I feel enthusiastic about the following:

Will all of these activities pan out? They will if I put my mind to it. That is what’s wonderful about life. And who knows what may pop up, out of nowhere, that will take me on another adventure. I will keep you posted.

The best activity for all of us is to have an open mind. Ride the wave, grammas! And tell your children and grandchildren to ride theirs.

DO Something GOOD Today: Make your goals for 2014!

gramma good

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