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I know the world would be a far better place if the population would practice the Golden Rule. Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, born 500 years before Christ, based his philosophy on the importance of moral values. His Golden Rule philosophy: ‘Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you’ is his best known. In twelve words he created a message that could stop wars between countries, families and friends and the list goes on.

A wonderful lesson you could teach your children and grandchildren is to practice the Golden Rule, which in essence means, before you create pain in another imagine how your would feel if that pain was inflicted upon you.

Look into your own heart and ask yourself if you practice the Golden Rule. Some of you with empathy and goodness always do; some of you do your best and then there are those that will never ‘get it.’

I know all types of people because my life is a huge circle. Most of the people I know I give the benefit of the doubt that they do their best and then there a few that really do practice the Golden Rule. Those are the people that stand out in my mind today as I write this blog. Those are the people I want in my close circle.

Look into your friendship chest, clean house and be selective. You will be much happier. Teach this to your grandchildren at a young age because at that stage of their lives it is ‘monkey see…monkey do’.

Do something GOOD today: Teach your grandchildren a life lesson!

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