marriage tipsWith a retired husband and a growing blog, that well-known saying is the story of my life these days. For those of you grammas with retired husbands, you may feel the same way. I pray that he stays busy all day, because even though he is no longer working, his mind is not retired, which results in hundreds of questions pointed my way.

To say our roles have changed, is an understatement. I am so busy that I am dizzy, and he is content at being retired and taking leisurely strolls in the park. When he calls me and interrupts one of my tasks to ask me to join him wherever he may be, I cannot say no. I love my husband and my to-do list, and even, will just have to wait, but will my newfound goals always take a backseat to his retired lifestyle? To that, I do not know, but he is my soul mate and best friend, so I guess I will have to wait and see.

Until then, I will make him lunch and smile. Please pass along any marriage tips you may have for ME.

Do Something GOOD Today: Be flexible with your day-to-days for the ones you love.

~Gramma Good

gramma good

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