mother daughterI feel ageless in attitude. Starting this blog, while challenging, is a testament to me trying new things.

I think about my mother, a great-grandmother, when I say this about myself. She is 91 years old! Last year my brother and I gave her a 90th birthday luncheon. All of her many friends attended, as well as family members. Each person spoke about my mother.

My mother and I are very different in personality. And because I always dwelled on the difference, I did not realize how very similar we are in our attitude toward living. While listening to everyone speak about my mother, I realized I mirrored her! She is my role model. My mother did the crossword puzzles, played bridge, needle pointed and knitted, skied and played golf and had many friends she doted on. And of course, she has been a wonderful role model as a wife and a good mother. No, she is not perfect, but her zest for living is!

At 91, she is not very happy. My mother misses all that she did. Many of her friends are doing better because their lives were not as involved as my mothers. They do not miss what they never did. Nevertheless, she is still determined to try to go on with her life! I am fortunate to have observed this quality in her since I was a little girl.

We should stress to our grandchildren that it is important to try new things and have a zest for life! Do something GOOD today: Do something “zesty” with your day!

Gramma Good

gramma good

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