why grandkids don't cDespite our best efforts, we make mistakes. We, even us grandmothers, are creatures of imperfection. All we can do is recognize our weaknesses, ask for forgiveness and be proactive about turning these negatives into positives. When we are indebted, however, others may not be so forgiving – especially teenagers and young adults.

So, if you are wondering why your grandkids don’t call, here are some of the reasons it could be and how to fix the problems!

1. You Offended Them
I think many grandmas are missing a filter. They like to be honest, straight-shooters, but this can be at the expense of someone they love. Likewise, teenagers and young adults tend to be very sensitive, so I suggest you think twice before you speak once. If you think this is the reason why your grandkids may not be calling, pick up the phone or send an email to apologize for your words.

2. You Talk Poorly About Their Parents
Grammas, regardless of the situation, you should never speak badly about your grandchildren’s parents. Even if they are not in the room, they are smart and pick up on cues. There is no faster way to push away your grandkids than to talk negatively about their parents. Apologize today and don’t just vow to do better – do better!

3. You Don’t Call Them
The phone works two ways, and if you are not making the effort to keep in touch with your grandchildren, they won’t either. Be proactive about your relationships today!

4. You Made a Past Mistake
All families have history and some drama. Your words or actions from years ago could be haunting your grandchildren today. As grammas, we have such a powerful influence over our grandchildren, so look deeply into your strained relationships to see if you are the one who needs to apologize. If you don’t know, start your next conversation with, “Is there something that I have done to hurt you? I would like to know what it is, because I love you so much and want to make things better.”

5. They Don’t Know You
For whatever reason – and no pointing blame here, grammas – your grandkids just don’t know you. And if they don’t know you, they sure aren’t going to call you. Don’t force your hand on them. Start small and write them a letter – even if it’s about how you grew up and your brothers and sisters. Let’s hope a relationship blossoms from there.

Do Something GOOD Today: As a gramma you get it, but sometimes even we need to understand the problem could be in the mirror. Ask for forgiveness today!

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