Susan and OrchidThe word DOG is GOD spelled backward. My dog Orchid is God-like. She is loving, wise and protective. Orchid is like a flower—feminine and beautiful! She is a 40-pound soft-coated longhaired Wheaton Terrier. Most owners of Wheatons cut their dog’s coat. We decided to keep Orchid au natural as she was intended. All who know her loves her. I dare say she is the “darling of our building!” She is delicious.

Our early morning walks are glorious for both of us. In the quiet of the day, I admire the sky, the trees, the flowers and the architecture of the city, as well as the other dog owners walking their pets. I talk to Orchid. I tell her I love her and that she is a good girl. Thoughts of my day ahead run through my mind as I walk with my loving dog. I am stress free. I am peaceful.

Orchid is at her happiest also. She sniffs the grass she will tinkle on and the posts other dogs have tinkled on! She chooses her route for the day as she gently pulls me to the left, right or just stops as to tell me, “I want to turn around!”

Our daily walk always includes a stop at the dog park. I take off her leash, off she goes to meet her old and new doggie friends with a waging tail of good morning and licks for all the dog owners. Dogs and owners alike are happy to see the joyful Orchid. She races around the park with the other dogs. Each time she stops to look for me to make certain I am nearby. And when I am ready to leave and start to walk away, it matters not that she may be playing. She is aware her best girlfriend is leaving the park and off she comes and settles by my side as we leave the park “together.”

After our walk that averages 30 minutes to an hour, we climb up 50 steps to sit on the top step of the local museum and watch the world go by. She is by my side as I read my emails and text. She relaxes and just is. Today I saw the mayor of our city jogging on the track as we passed by. I thought of our politicians. Why can’t they be like Orchid?

Do something GOOD today: Spend some quality time with your four-legged best friends.

Gramma Good

gramma good

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