“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”
~Author Unknown

mothers day
My core values of honesty, respect for others, truthfulness, being charitable, being a good wife, loyal friend and teacher to my daughters are examples my mother taught me. What a wonderful forever gift. A gift I use daily.

In honor of mothers everywhere, Gramma Good asked her community of grandmothers to write in about their own mothers. Here are those heartfelt tributes:

“I always had a beautiful with my mother relationship even when he became ill from Alzheimer, and now I have the same relationship with my daughter, trust, friendship, compression and much, much love.”
~Maite L.

“My mother will be 100 years old on May 18th. She has 7 kids, 28 grandkids, 37 great-grandkids and 58 great-great grandkids. She loves each one very much. She has been a mentor to all of us and is a Woman of God. She still teaches Bible study at the Nursing home each week. What a wonderful inspiration she has been to all of us!”
~Linda H.

“My Mom was the greatest we had our ups and downs but that was because she taught me well. I will never forget when she was teaching me how to make a lemon meringue pie and I put a top crust on it and she looked at it and said don’t worry they will eat it, and they did. That was 40 years ago. Today you can get them like that. She was a great Mom, and she just passed this April. You are in my thoughts Mom. I love you.”
~Bonnie S.

“My mom and I shared a special bond. Although she’s been gone 22 years, she is still a strong influence in my life and our bond is stronger than ever. She will be in my heart forever!”
~Yvonne O.

“My best friend, a great lady who taught me everything I needed to know in life. She has been gone for 42 years but think of her daily.”
~ Ann H.

“I was so blessed to have the Mom I had. She has been gone 13 years, but she is with me every day and I am the person I am because of her.”
~Sue B.

“My mother is the greatest mom in the world, she now has dementia, and she remembers sometimes and other times she can’t even remember all of us. But each day I remind her how she shaped and molded us with love to be who we are today. She raised 8 great kids and she is in my heart forever.”
~Bev E.

“My grandmothers both died before I was born and my mother died when I was 15. However, those years with her and my younger sister were filled with road trips from California to Washington and twice to Ontario, Canada, to meet her father’s people. We were at Disneyland the summer it opened. The second trip to Ontario we drove through the 48 states, Mexico and Canada in one summer. We swam in every imaginable body of water and went to most every destination in our great country. This and her zest for life is her legacy to me and my five siblings. One funny thing that happened at the auto movies was she got to laughing and pulled out her Sugar Daddy which held both her uppers and lowers. Then we laughed even more.”
~Olivetta C.

“What my mother did that has etched precious memories in my heart. Mom took us flower picking every spring – she knew all the common names and exactly where to go to find them. Lady slippers, Lamb’s tongue, cats ears, wild iris and many more. There were always bouquets of these lovely flowers sitting on the table. She read to us all and chose books that held meaning. Books about animals: Beautiful Jo, Black Beauty and many others. Books about people: Heidi, Little Women, and Little Britches are just a few. She read the continued stories that were published in The Oregon Farmer and the Washington Farmer. She was a wonderful cook. When we were sick she would make up a tray with a doily and, if there were flowers, a tiny bouquet. Often she had made custard which is a special comfort food to this day. She was generous with hugs. She kept a spotless house. She loved our dad, and we knew it! I could go on and on. I MISS HER!”

Do Something GOOD Today: Pat yourself on the back for bringing beautiful life into this world.

Gramma Good

gramma good

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