My first grandchildGrammas, what are your first memories of your grandchildren? If you’re like me, you can’t remember where you left your to-do list, but you can recollect treasured moments in a snap. I remember when I met my first-born grandson, Ben. He was wrapped in a blanket with a powder blue wool cap on his head. I was immediately in love, and of course, I am still enamored with him to this day.

My second memory of Ben was on the eighth day of his life, which is because in the Jewish religion a newborn son is given his Hebrew name on this day. I remember standing in the backyard of Ben’s other grandparents, who I was so fond of. Since my daughter and son-in-law were a mixed-religion marriage, the Rabbi explained the importance of the baby naming in the Jewish religion. I will never forget his words: “A name defines a person’s essence.”

My daughter was standing next to me as the Rabbi spoke. She leaned over to me and said, “Mom, what should I name my son?”

This was a defining point in Ben’s life, and I confidently said, “Moses.” Upon hearing the name or seeing the name, my grandson would be reminded of the positive essence of this man.

“I like that,” she said. And Moses it was!

That was the first profound “gramma message” I gave my eight-day-old grandson: Be a man you yourself will be proud of.

Think of your first bonding memory with your grandchildren. And when you see them—tell them the story! Share your stories with Gramma Good, too.

Written by Susan Good of Gramma Good

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Do something GOOD today: Think of the person you’d like to be your grandchild’s essence and tell them both why!


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