blended familyGrammas, how many people are in your family? Is it large or small? I have a blended family. There are a total of 15 grandchildren, seven parents, two grandmothers, one grandfather and a total of nine marriages not to include one of the remaining grammas who had several!

And of course, I have my dog, Orchid. Now that I’ve introduced my family and briefly described some of the trials I will discuss in future blogs, I have one question: Who in the world came up with the term ‘blended families?’

I was actually smiling as I wrote the word blended, because today the 15 grandchildren all care about one another, the divorces are over, the second marriages have all lasted a long time, the parents all get along with one another and they truly all love me and that includes the ‘blended’ ones who in my mind are not blended. They are mine.

But this was not always the case. Communication is the key to a well blended family. Sometimes that means keeping silent, and always it means speaking kindly to one another.

Today, I am very proud of each and every one of them, and I love them. I would be there for them at any time if they were in need. I am one lucky gramma – blended or unblended!

Written by Susan Good

~Gramma Good

gramma good


 Do Something GOOD Today: Act as the blender that blends family and friends together for the better.


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