Grammas, are there days when you turn on the TV and are appalled at what you see in our society? It seems so many people have lost the values that many of us were brought up with. I have to wonder—where is the responsibility?  Where is the discipline? Where is the leadership? Where are the standards? What are values?

We have responsibilities as the matriarchs of our families. I believe we can make a difference by our involvement within our family. We are the mature spokesperson within the family unit. Take time talking to your grandchildren about VALUES. Every day there is a life experience where you can bring up a value word to expand upon. WE are a powerful group of women. WE are a positive force in every way.

One of the best words to use with our grandchildren is the word STANDARD. A person with standards has good values. We grammas have to have a mindset to use daily experiences to point out issues. We can even do this with our youngest grandchildren as they learn to say “peas” and “tank you.” We are not disciplining. We are speaking or showing in a grandmotherly manner.

Always remember that we are of a different generation and that is powerful. We can share stories about value and standards. For example, when I purchase a present for one of my grandchildren, no matter their age, I tie it to a true story in my life—a story that sets an example. That a gift has meaning, which is the value called love. A gift costs money, which is the value called work. It makes me more real. I am not perfect either. Grandchildren can relate. Tell them that nothing happens in life just because; there is a cause and an effect.

Written by Susan Good of Gramma Good


gramma good


Do something GOOD today: Remember to say “peas” and “tank you,” your grandkids are looking at you as their example.

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