A group of 48 Christians have been forced from their homes and their possessions confiscated after they refused to deny Jesus.

The incident occurred in Saravan province, Laos, the Communist nation nextdoor to Vietnam in southeast Asia.

The believers, who had gathered in the village of Katinn for Sunday worship, were expelled from their church at gunpoint and brought to an open field. Officials then confiscated personal belongings from 11 Christians’ homes.

Six of the homes were later destroyed.

A pig, worth the equivalent of six weeks’ salary, was also seized from one of the believers.

When the Christians refused to renounce their faith, they were forced to walk four miles outside the village and were left at the side of the road.

Officials have posted police at the entrance to the village to prevent the Christians from returning home or retrieving their valuables. At last report, the believers were sleeping on the ground in the woods with barely any food or survival supplies.

The Christian community at Katin has endured other persecution in recent years. In July 2008, 17 Christian families were detained and ordered to deny their faith.

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