Lasting change in the world begins in the heart and
the soul of each person. It begins in your home. It is easy to find people who
can tell us what to believe, what is wrong, and what to do. The big challenge
lies in finding the willingness to be the
. Willingness cannot be taught; it comes from within. Willingness
arises when we live with integrity and congruence – inside and out. Willingness
grows in love. Deep spiritual awakening helps us to love ourselves, our
community, and this amazing creation. Loving our world leads to spiritual
awakening. Be courageous enough to love more. We respect and heal what we love.

It has long been said by masters everywhere, “When
there is peace in the self, there is peace in the home. When there is peace in
the homes, there is peace in the community. When there is peace in the
communities there is peace in the nations. When there is peace in the nations,
there is peace in the world.”

Spiritual practice has been seen as a luxury by many,
but spiritual awakening is now a necessity. Many criticize those who are overly
committed to a spiritual path as being unrealistic or disengaged from the
world. True awakening could not be further from that claim.

Where we find people and communities that have
committed to the path of awareness, we find great healers, helpers, and problem-solvers. Where we find people who
feel connection and compassion, we find solutions, changes and inspiration. In
the embrace of spiritual experience and the access to Divine Energy and
creativity, we will find new solutions to old problems, and lasting ways to
honor this magnificent existence of which we are all a part.

If you strive to live your life as a spiritual journey,
feed that intention with the lessons and maturity you cultivate through a
regular spiritual practice. Once you make a lasting commitment to one or more
of the Master Paths you will quickly find powerful changes within and around
you. Connections, synchronicity, and intuition will come to your aid.

As you cultivate spiritual experiences through
practice and intention, your inner vision will develop, your heart will open, and
your mind will release the illusions that breed fear and attachment. You will
become the medicine that you seek. You will be a healer to all you know. For
some of us, it will happen in simple ways, like showing kindness in the grocery
line, volunteering, or learning not to pollute our bodies and the earth. For
others, we will commit to projects and pathways of healing that will reach
around the world. Every little bit helps.

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