is more than the accumulation of old information in an instantaneous brain
blast. It’s the gut feeling, the hunch, or “knowing” that defies experience or
understanding. We’ve all had these experiences at one time or another. Some
dismiss them and some, like me, rely on them for the most important decisions
in life. 

Research has shown that intuition, understood or not, is a vital
quality of a successful person in any field. Mothers say that “a mom just
knows,” business people call it “acumen,” and medical doctors consider it “good
judgment.” Often, it is nothing more than the small voice inside that gives us
a clear sense of direction or action. Although we can’t explain its origin,
some part of us knows that it’s correct. Following our intuition is critical in
ending Inspiration Deficit Disorder.

So listen to your gut! When you make a
decision, pay attention to the way your inner voice affirms or cautions you.
Few people regret following their intuition. Most people’s inspiration deficits
reflect a pattern of ignoring their deepest sense of what is best for them.

Do you have an experience of listening to your intuition?  Please share!

Excerpt from Inspiration Deficit Disorder

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