meditationHaPeFlickr.jpgIn the book Inspiration Deficit Disorder I discuss the important of understanding five core dimensions of “self”  that are involved in human growth and healing. The more you have awareness of these aspects of who you are, the more agile and intentional you can be with your choices and responses to life’s events and relationships. Naturally, in the book these ideas are described in depth, but here are five simple ways you could think of these five universal parts that make up our experience of life:

  1. SOURCE – The part of you that knows what peace, love and connection is.
  2. ESSENCE – The part of you that knows what you really need and value.
  3. WOUNDING – The part of you that was hurt, disrespected, or disappointed.
  4. PERSONA – The part of you that lives by the stories, expectations, approval of others.
  5. HOOKS – The parts of you that act without thinking – your habits, reactive behaviors (this includes all habits and additions from food to arguing, to hiding, drinking, and controlling others).

Your greatest joy, inner strength and peace will always come from the first two “layers.” You can assess any situation and how you are relating to it by asking yourself 5 simple yes or no questions.

  1. SOURCE – Am I acting out of a true sense of highest good, non-attachment and compassion?
  2. ESSENCE – Am I acting with integrity in a way that truly reflects who I am inside?
  3. WOUNDING – Am I reacting from old emotions?
  4. PERSONA – Am I reacting to serve the expectations, approval or control of others?
  5. HOOKS – Am I falling into an old automatic pattern or bad habit?

If you answer “yes” to 3, 4 or 5, then it’s like time to ask yourself what it would take to do things differently so that you could answer “yes” to 1 and 2.

Image courtesy of HaPe on Flickr

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