You’ve tried and tried. Rattled doors. Researched, strategized and planned. Pushed forward. Worked. Hoped and prayed.

But nothing seems to get traction. Your dream is going nowhere. You feel empty and alone. Broken-hearted.

Here’s what to do: for today (and longer if you can), return to being childlike:

1) Play. Act out of basic, intrinsic love for whatever it is you do. No one had to force you as a child to build a castle in the sand. You picked up a shovel and dug in—purely for the joy.

What is the work you love? Choosing materials and gluing them on?  Solving problems for your customer? Crafting a sermon that opens hearts?

Today do it simply because you love it.

2) Edit out thoughts of judgment, criticism or second-guessing. No agenda today. No result needed right now. Google stats don’t matter. No fear. Work-play with abandon.

3) Remove “No.” In this state of childlikeness, new ideas will come—softly, shyly—but they will come. Play with them.

The castle will grow more floors. A back door will appear. The moat will deepen and its water will swirl around curves.

 You love it.

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