There is a word that

– keeps you down,

– deepens your fears,

– squelches your dreams and

– hands you off to addictions and distractions—television, video games, shopping, wine, porn—ensuring you waste your life.

The word is this:


As in:

Do that? I don’t see how.

I can’t see how to get out of this rut.

Be free—creative—caring about others? How? I’ve got too many bills to pay.

A dream that big is just a fantasy. It would take lots of people and many more dollars to implement. How would I come up with that?

I’m just a high school drop out with a messed up family. How can I do anything to help someone else?

I have an idea, a cause I’d like to take up, but I don’t know what to do…don’t know how.

On and on. Soon—or at least by middle age—we forget how to dream.

We stop caring. How has defeated us…made fossils out of our heart, faith and imagination.

How kills. Don’t ask how…ask


 What dream can I seize with God’s help?

Then ask God to show you the first small step.

Take it!

 – – – – –

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