By Vivek Wadhwa ~ from the Washington Post’s On Faith

Last July, I spoke at the ImmigrationWorks USA Summit, in Seattle, about the importance of immigration reform. It was a difficult decision for me, and not because I didn’t support the cause. Instead, it was a question of safety.

Speakers at this event received letters, eventually collected by the FBI, telling them that if they attended “the biggest gathering of traitors of the century,” they would do so “at their own peril.” Attached to the letters were M1 bullets — a carbine used in semi-automatic weapons by government and paramilitary forces. I never found out what the FBI did with those letters, and I don’t want to know.

Sadly, this is what the immigration debate has been reduced to: You are either a patriot or a traitor. There is no in-between and little logic. Now, as the U.S. economy sputters and stalls, is precisely the time to welcome the smartest, most ambitious people on Earth. The only thing our political leaders are able to agree on, unanimously, is to further close the U.S. border, and pay for this by sanctioning companies that train and import highly skilled talent into the U.S.

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