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(This blog entry is part of a series about how the planets in your birth chart affect other people, for better or worse. Click here for the introduction.) THE PLANET: Saturn, second largest planet in the solar system. Commonly known […]

There is sometimes a tendency among astrologers, myself included, to see the more difficult aspects first and to overlook the quieter and more constructive aspects. As I sometimes tell my clients, the news never starts with all the things that […]

There is a certain tendency among astrology fans to assume that, once a planet’s retrograde period is over, everything associated with that planet is going to be totally awesome. But if you’ve ever successfully completed and sent an email without […]

Enough of the fear. Enough of the discomfort. 2018 is the year we start turning this thing around. Saturn has its eye on you, and sees you — right now, whoever you are, and it’s here to help. Is that […]

Let’s take a look at Saturn. I mean literally, let’s take a look at Saturn. See that ring? Beautiful, isn’t it? What most people don’t realize about Saturn’s rings are that they are composed of billions of tiny little particles […]

As we bumbled out of Africa, we brought language with us. A funny thing happened along the way: languages started using fewer sounds. The complexity of inner lives didn’t become any simpler, and the challenges we faced didn’t get any […]

Just because Saturn is leaving Sagittarius and the Galactic Center doesn’t mean its effects on the Human Collective are coming to an end. If a transit makes your legs fall off on a Monday, your shoe budget will be reduced […]

Another day, another tale of the mighty falling because of their abuse of power: director Bryan Singer (best known for The Usual Suspects and The X-Men films) is being sued for an alleged assault on a 17 year old actor […]

I admit it: I’m a bit worried about the upcoming Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Sure, they’re obviously in love, and I think they make a cute couple. No problem there. But no matter how good the […]

One of the better-known concepts in astrology is the Saturn Return. This happens roughly once every 28 years or so, when Saturn returns to the same point of the Zodiac that it was at when you were born. It generally […]