Here’s what’s coming up for you this week! Here you’ll find a listing of the major planetary aspects (exact date and time are listed, with a plus or minus range of days they’ll be in effect), and Moon aspects to help you gauge the mood. Moon Void of Course (more about that HERE) days and times are also listed: try to avoid starting or completing any important things between when the Moon is Void and when it enters the next Sign. Particularly annoying ones are marked as V/C**

(All dates/times listed are Eastern. DST applies)

Monday, Nov 15, 2021
2nd quarter, Aries
1:59 AM               Moon sextile Saturn
4:06 AM               Moon square Venus
2:58 PM               Sun square Jupiter

Tuesday, Nov 16, 2021
2nd quarter, Aries
8:55 AM               Moon sextile Jupiter
 10:51 AM               Moon square Pluto V/C**
4:01 PM               Sun sextile Pluto
9:18 PM                Moon enters Taurus

Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021
2nd quarter, Taurus
 12:23 PM               Mars opposite Uranus
(+/- 10 days) Strange tempers, strange lust, and a strange lack of control. Things flare up and go haywire.
1:19 PM               Moon square Saturn
7:39 PM               Moon trine Venus
9:44 PM               Moon conjunct Uranus
10:20 PM               Moon opposite Mars

Thursday, Nov 18, 2021
2nd quarter, Taurus
10:37 AM               Mercury trine Neptune
(+/-4 days) A good time for creativity and meditation.
2:14 PM               Moon sextile Neptune
2:47 PM               Moon opposite Mercury
9:22 PM               Moon square Jupiter
10:57 PM               Moon trine Pluto

Friday, Nov 19, 2021
2nd quarter, Taurus
3:57 AM  3rd quarter
1:08 AM               Venus trine Uranus
(+/- 5 days) Try something new and different… you might like it!
3:57 AM Full Moon Solar Ecpislpe
27 degrees Taurus**
9:33 AM                Moon enters Gemini

Saturday, Nov 20, 2021
3rd quarter, Gemini
2:12 AM               Moon trine Saturn
6:43 PM               Mercury square Jupiter
(+/- 4 days) Try to maintain control of hasty words and disruptive thoughts.

Sunday, Nov 21, 2021
3rd quarter, Gemini
3:05 AM               Moon square Neptune

3:57 AM Sun enters Sagittarius

  4:14 AM               Mercury sextile Pluto
(+/- 4 days) A good time for intellectual breakthroughs and getting your point across in a meaningful manner.
10:52 AM               Moon trine Jupiter V/C**
10:33 PM                Moon enters Cancer

(No matter what transits are happening, how they play out in your life depends on your individual birth chart. Write me with your date, time, and place of birth — and I’ll send you a copy and a free sneak preview!)

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