If you are used to looking at your own astrological transits, have you noticed how hard it can be to make sense of it all sometimes? If you think astrology is hard — try being objective about yourself! Or, as I sometimes tell people: even the world’s best surgeons don’t try to take out their own appendixes.

Fortunately, you have a tool to help you make sense of what’s happening now, and what may come in future. I am referring to your past, and the similar transits you had back then.

(No matter what transits are happening, how they play out in your life depends on your individual birth chart. Write me with your date, time, and place of birth — and I’ll send you a copy and a free sneak preview!)


Ancient Egyptians traditionally buried their dead little wooden or earthenware figures called ushabti. The idea was that these little figures would spring to life in the Great Beyond and act as servants to the departed. They could take over if the afterlife somehow required the deceased to do manual labor. They also served as a nice reminder that he or she used to command many servants.

Personally, I have my doubts that these little dolls were of much use to someone who was dead, had their brain removed, and their body soaked in pitch and then wrapped up tightly. But I think that having these servants makes a useful metaphor for understanding how transits affected you: past, present, and future.

So, let’s examine your ushabti, shall we?


Suppose things have been largely lousy for you the last four or five years. That’s undoubtedly the effects of either Pluto at 22-26 degrees Capricorn or Neptune at 18-24 degrees Pisces, or both. Placements in your chart aspecting those degrees have taken a hit — and likely will for a while yet. Neptune and Pluto are very slow.

Now: what has shifted for you since around the beginning of 2021, for better or worse? That would be the combined effect of Saturn square Uranus, affecting placements from 5-15 degrees Aquarius and Taurus, respectively.

Yeesh. Sounds rough, doesn’t it? But let’s take out some ushabti to lift your mood.

If Saturn has made trouble for you in 2021, keep in mind it was square those degrees (and opposite where Uranus has been) in late 2012 and throughout most of 2013. That’s the Saturn Cycle in action. Whatever was happening then, good or bad, is getting a necessary course correction.

Still not sounding fun yet, is it? Wait… there’s more!

Notice any kind of a shift around the New Moon in Virgo last Monday, even a slight one, plus or minus a day or two? That New Moon was complimentary to where Pluto is now, and represents a release of tension from what Neptune may have done to you.

A New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle. Sometimes that means a sudden revelation, sometimes it loosens some teardrops, and sometimes both. But for many, it means that the transits that have battered you are more behind you than ahead of you. You’ve learned what you needed to learn from these things, and you are ready to emerge a better, wiser human. Congratulations!


You see: in many ways, ushabti aren’t for the dead at all. They are for us, the still-living, as a reminder that the journey (and our work) continues. That, and — the lessons of the past can often help us avoid the same heavy lifting we faced beforehand.

And who knows? Maybe you have awakened into a new life after all…

Want to know how to work with the current and future energy to get maximum benefit? Feel free to write me about it!

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