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Also known as: The House of Creativity and Romance

What it rules in your life: Love, romance, and recreation – the things you do because they are fun. Children, creativity, and gambling. How you bring new things into the world. New relationships (especially romantic ones) start here.

(No matter what transits are happening, how they play out in your life depends on your individual birth chart. Write me with your date, time, and place of birth — and I’ll send you a copy and a free sneak preview!)

What it rules in an organization or mundane chart: Executive personnel in general (but not the top brass), company morale, stockholder relations.

How the placement of the ruler affects it:

If the ruler of the Fifth House is in the First House, you may have natural creative talent and the ability to appreciate the arts well. You’re a bit of a flirt and are probably a bit of a sucker for romance. You probably don’t have much trouble expressing yourself.

With the ruler of the Fifth House in the Second House, you may find a way to turn a hobby into a business, especially if it involves the arts or children. You may be a little too prone to gambling or financial risk-taking than is good for you.

Ruler of Fifth House in the Third can give you particular talent with expressing yourself, particularly with writing and/or singing. You might make for an excellent teacher. You would probably enjoy some form of public performance — if you just get over the stage fright!

The ruler of the Fifth House House in the Fourth House means that you may have creative ability but you might want to try to learn not to hide it so much from the world. You benefit from having a creative home environment.

Ruler of the Fifth House House in the Fifth House makes you passionate about being creative and creatively self-expressive. You are interested in hobbies, romance, and interaction with children. Children are a magical medium for expressing yourself.

Having the ruler of your Fifth House in your Sixth House can lead to creative applications for maintaining health, employment, routine, romance, and interaction with animals. You find ways to use creativity on the job every day. Creativity helps maintain employment and working relationships. Try redecorating your workspace.

Ruler of the Fifth House House in the Seventh House means you express your creativity through your hobbies, your personal self-expression, your risk-taking, your romantic relationships, and your interaction with children. You use creativity in your partnerships, and you use creativity to approach marriage. Hobbies can bridge the gap between you and your spouse.

When the ruler of the Fifth House is in the Eighth House, the occult and the taboo are two of your favorite fields of interest. You enjoy sex, deep interactions, and the occult. You have a dramatic way of dealing with sex and deep experiences.

Ruler of the Fifth House House in the Ninth: Higher education can be a hobby for you. Earning degrees is a way for you to use your creativity. You use your creativity in the way that you interact with people from different countries, cultures, religions, and faiths. Your approach to religion and mysticism is creative.

Having the Fifth House House ruler in your Tenth means that choosing a career that allows for creativity helps you to interact with other professionals better. Your self-expression allows you to gain a good reputation. Being creative leads to awards and accolades. Working with children can be a source of great benefit to you.

When the ruler of the Fifth House House is in the Eleventh: As a member of a group, you express yourself creatively. Your choices of social movements and causes reflect your personal style. You may participate in art, music, theater, and dance as part of social reform. You relax with friends, and you enjoy your personal creative interests with them.

The ruler of the Fifth House House in the Twelfth House: It is through creativity, self-expression, risk-taking, hobbies, romance, and interactions with children that grief and sorrow are released. You may experience formless spiritual growth, as opposed to more rigid religious expressions. Through creative pursuits like art therapy, you can become more aware of how you’ve held yourself back.

Things the House rules you might not have expected: Interest in TV and film production, casinos, and concert halls.

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