What an interesting time to be a Libra!

First of all, Libra (like Virgo) has a tendency to be treated a little like one of the “middle children” of the Zodiac. Not bold and out there like Aries through Leo, and not up to… whatever the heck it is Scorpio through Pisces think they’re doing. Libra represents a sort of middle ground — a compromise. That may not sound terribly exciting, but have you ever tried to get anything done without a little middle ground and compromise? A crew of Aries and Scorpios could easily build a house, but without at least one Libra in charge of the schedule will they all show up together on time?

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This year, it’s particularly interesting to be a Libra. For the first part of the year, the Sun in Libra combines with Venus in Leo. That places the Sun and Venus in a mutual reception. A mutual reception strengthens both planets involved. And in general, since Libra is ruled by Venus, that’s a good thing.

(Yes Taurus, you are ruled by Venus too, and this is also a good thing for you. But you guys aren’t getting knocked around by cosmic forces as badly this year as Libra has been. Don’t worry though, Taurus, I still think you’re cute.)

The second part of the Sun’s journey through Libra is a lot more perilous. That’s when Sun will be up against difficult aspects from Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. You know — the stuff that’s made everything crazy for most of this year.

So what is a poor Libra to do? Take comfort in this, my Friends of the Balance. For all the insanity we’ve seen in 2020, Libra has had things pretty bad. But at the same time, in my personal experience? Libras have been adapting to the lunacy with grace and style, as one might expect of them. And maybe they’ve adapted better than most.

Somehow, in the middle of the crazy explosion that 2020 has been? Libra has been pulling things off nicely. Keep up the good work, Libra. Who knows? Thanks in no small part to your contribution, this might end up being the year when the good guys actually win…

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