I’m always pleased to hear from people who have read this blog. Knowing what my statistics are is one thing, but actual evidence that someone is actually reading is always pure gold. Sometimes I get thoughtful analysis, sometimes I get a little chided, and sometimes it just someone who’s curious about a freebie.

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(Ha! See what I did there?)

Anyway, the other day I received this:

BG writes:

“As I was scrolling down your home page, I saw the opening sentence to your article on Chadwick Boseman. I haven’t seen Black Panther and I don’t pay attention to Hollywood celebrities so I know nothing about the man, however, I did see your comment on Kyle Rittenhouse…

What I see from that situation is a young man who came to help protect local businesses and offer medical assistant to anyone injured in the riots. I saw him actually helping injured people, I saw him cleaning graffiti, I saw him cheerfully and naively discuss his intentions to be of service to the community in the way he saw he could best serve it. Then I saw him get separated from his group and chased and attacked and I believe he defended himself appropriately.

We have seen many images of people who have been beat up by angry rioters and some of those people died. It is very upsetting that any of this is happening at all. I’m at a real loss for word on all of it but I had to question you on your extreme negative reaction to Kyle Rittenhouse. I know that article is a few days old. Are you able to provide any clarity on your view of that situation?”


Now don’t panic people. I’m not about to get suddenly political on you all here. There are plenty of other places for that on the Internet. Besides, this is Beliefnet and they don’t want me writing about politics, and that’s cool. When you’re playing in Beliefnet’s house, you play by Beliefnet’s rules.

I would like to take this opportunity now and in the next two blog entries to discuss what I think is potentially maybe the most dangerous astrological stuff happening now. Surprisingly, I’m not talking about Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, or even Mars in Aries squaring those planets. Sure, that’s dangerous stuff. But in some ways my greater concern is the ongoing sextile between Neptune and Pluto.

What’s this? A sextile? When is the sextile ever dangerous?

You see, while transiting Mars in Aries is aggravating the ongoing Saturn Pluto situation in Capricorn, it’s natural for us to want to seek some kind of shelter. The open and loving embrace of Neptune gives us a chance to feel we are part of something larger than ourselves, in a good way. Having transiting Pluto sextile Neptune both strengthens it and strengthens the urge to achieve that state.

Neptune can represent higher spirituality. It can also represent delusion. And either way, we tend to feel the urge to seek out like-minded people, and to sort out who is (or isn’t) in our tribe.

It’s perfectly natural that you don’t know much about Chadwick Boseman if you don’t follow Hollywood celebrities. But if you’ve read my blog for long, you’ll know that I’m a huge nerd, so naturally the death of a hero hurts. Neither approach is inherently right or wrong.

But, carried too far? It can lead to a world where everyone leaves in their relatively exclusive little bubbles and never hear anyone outside of them. And that’s why when it comes to Kyle Rittenhouse that you see a young man involved in this community who was trying to do the right thing… and I see a 17 year old kid who crossed State lines with an automatic weapon with the deliberate intent to get involved in violence, resulting in two deaths.

And technically, we’re both right.

So to summarize: stress and misinformation seems to have us all going to hell in the same hand basket, and all convinced that it’s someone else’s fault.

NEXT TIME: What can we do about this before we do ourselves and our society permanent harm?

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