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The Sign: Leo, the lion

The Hero: T’Challa (The Black Panther), Marvel comics and films

Known For: Being royalty (by both birthright and having earned it) of the coolest country on his continent, if not the world. Brilliant, athletic, noble and good-looking. Often surrounded by beautiful women (the Dora Milaje, his royal bodyguards). Pops out his incredibly sharp claws when confronted by a threat.

Favorite things: Running a government and protecting his people from harm, inventing amazing new technology, and (just for kicks) occasionally joining up with The Avengers to save the world from various threats… all while maintaining his regal bearing. Also enjoys beating the crap out of bad guys for (of course) high-minded reasons. It’s all in a day’s work when you’re Prince T’Challa, Defender of Wakanda, and King Of The Dead (long story there…).

Quote: God works through me, the same as you. There is no feat I achieve that you are not capable of.”

Compatible with: Aries and Sagittarius

Fatal Flaw? Is being “incredibly cool” a flaw? Is being on the receiving end of the adulation of his nation a flaw? Is flying around in an advanced antigravity throne a flaw? Is saving the world from alien invaders a — oh, I give up. He’s awesome and he knows it without having to wave it in anyone’s face.

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