You may have heard of the Saturn Return, which is so often a disruptive influence in a person’s life. There is another major life transit that many of you have experienced or will be experiencing. It’s the Uranus opposition, which kicks in around the age of 42. If Uranus represents your freaky, inventive genius side, then transiting Uranus opposite its natal position can be a little like King Kong vs Godzilla. Or it can be a time of tremendous personal breakthroughs — a liberation of sorts. It depends in part on how you’ve lived your life to this point. If you’ve been bold and creative with things up to this point, you might be able to handle it. If you need a shake-up? You’re likely to get it.

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But, no matter how much a mess your Uranus Opposition made or will make for you, hopefully yours is much better than the one Chadwick Boseman is having right now.

Chadwick (born November 29th 1976, time unknown, Anderson South Carolina) is now experiencing the exact peak of transiting Uranus opposite his natal Uranus. For the last several months there have been strange things going on in his life. First, there were the prolonged and allegedly difficult negotiations for his contract to star in the Black Panther sequel.

More alarmingly, he has more or less vanished from public view of late, and every time someone sees him he gets skinnier and less healthy looking. A week ago he went to the Emergency ward in a wheelchair. Although he has been seen in public a couple of times since then, he still looking to be in pretty rough shape.

Remember though: no one transit brings disaster (or blessings) by itself. There are always other transits happening at any given time, and it’s always a combination of the Big Stuff and the Smaller Stuff that help you win the lottery (or makes your leg fall off). Although we’re at a disadvantage not having Chadwick Boseman’s time of birth, we know that for at least as long as his Uranus Opposition has been in effect, transiting Neptune has been conjunct his natal Moon. Put two big transits like that together, and you need to pay even closer attention to the smaller, “triggering” transits. Like for example, in Chadwick’s case? The January 10th Eclipse closely opposite his Venus and the June 5th Eclipse conjunct his natal Neptune probably didn’t help much.

Whatever his Rising Sign and House placements may be, I wish him well… and good luck. His Uranus opposition won’t be fully over until mid 2021, and will be exact again next April, and Neptune will be bouncing around his Moon that whole time. Stay tuned everyone…

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