Even just slowly reaching for a cell phone camera can be worrisome to a rabbit.

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Has anyone ever seen such a blatant shift in things with a Saturn ingress before? It doesn’t seem like it. Saturn hits Aquarius (the sign of fellow-feeling and community), and bam — we’re all in self-quarantine, practising social distancing, and/or on lock-down.

Although I live in a residential district in my city, there is a reasonably busy street out front. I’m also within line of sight of the airport, and not far from a fairly busy main road. Normally, as you can imagine, this makes for a lot of background noise during the day. But recently? Traffic out front is minimal. The airport is nearly shut down. And even during rush hour, it’s just not rush hour anymore.

We are all at home alone sometimes, figuratively — but this has taken on a literal meaning for many of us. Even those of us used to working at home are feeling the longer distances between us all.

This brings me to my meeting today with Benjen the Jackrabbit. Click here for an introduction to Benjen if you haven’t read it.


I was taking the garbage out and saw my new friend sitting in his “safe space” in the yard, where he can relax and see any predators coming. Not meaning to disturb him, I cancelled my trip down the back steps to the garbage. Benjen deserves his breaks as much as anyone.

But then, something remarkable happened.

Benjen approached me, cautiously but unafraid, and we stood there and we looked at each other. I can’t tell you how strange this is for a jackrabbit. These are not your cartoon animal friends. They are real, wild animals who are on constant alert for the least sign of danger. And yet there he was, just sitting there looking at me close enough to touch him if I had wanted to.

It’s always risky to assume that you know what another person is really thinking, let alone an animal. But I suspect there was something akin to this running through his head as he looked at me.

“Weather warmed up but humans don’t come back. Where are humans? Are humans okay? Did coyote get you? Coyote bad. Are you okay?”


My point here is twofold. First of all, I simply wanted to share a story of my day in self-isolation. I believe we all need to do a little more of that. If we’re going to be on the internet typing furiously at each other all day long, why not spend less time on politics and more time connecting with each other as simple human beings? It seems to me that this may be the big moral lesson from Saturn in Aquarius.

Second, this encounter showed me again the incredible importance of reaching out. So, again, I am urging you to use this time to reach out to others beyond those you would normally have a casual conversation with. There’s no harm in asking a relatively distant Facebook friend how they’re doing. I might suggest starting with the people who are in isolation alone, closely followed by those who are isolated with children or perhaps with someone they didn’t intend to spend all day with, and so on. But even if that’s not where you start, please start somewhere.

We may all be isolated individually, but we’ve never been more in something together, ever. Let’s all pass this test, together.

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