matthew currie astrology jupiter in sagTo my favorite Niece:

What a joy it has been, having you around while your Mom and Dad have stayed with me! And, look how you’ve grown. Soon you’ll be a teenager. I know that can be a thrilling and scary experience. On the one hand, you are finally going to start coming into your full power as a person, with all the rights and freedoms that come with it. On the other hand, the responsibilities! Oh my. If you’ve ever wondered why grown-ups are so grumpy, you’ll soon have a chance to learn for yourself why that is.

But that’s a perfectly natural part of life’s great cycle. Even as you mature, I hope you always retain some of the boundless enthusiasm you have for life right now. Life is a great adventure, and you’re the hero of the story! Just don’t forget that the journey of every hero always involves challenges and struggles. But, I have tremendous confidence in you. You’ve got this.

I’m always going to be here for you, to provide whatever wisdom and guidance I can, whenever you ask for it. That’s my job as your Uncle, and whatever form it takes — it’s there for you. But this brings me to an important point… one I’m not sure your Mom and Dad may have mentioned to you.

You see, Life is Change. We all have our cycles we have to go through, and tomorrow I’m going to wake up a little different than I am today. I’ll still love you, I’ll still want the best for you, but my manner may be different.

I’ve taken great delight in your energy, your bounciness, your joy of living. I’ve learned new things about the world through you, like the music you love listening to. It’s so much different than what I grew up with, and my world is a broader place for having heard it. And I’ve enjoyed watching you form your own standards, and seeing your tastes in food has reminded me of myself at your age.

But tomorrow, I will be a Capricorn. And I will still love you and care about you as much as ever. Except that, from then on for the next year or so? I’ll be handling things a bit differently.

What I’m trying to say is this: if tomorrow you don’t learn to use your earphones when you are listening to your terrible KPop music, and if you don’t stop whining whenever dinner is anything but “a plain cheese pizza,” as God is my witness I will smash your damned iPhone with a hammer and force-feed you a spinach salad.

Love always,

Uncle Jupiter.

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