matthew-currie-astrology-venus cancerJuly 3 Venus enters Cancer
Hello, everyone, and welcome to my new Cupcake Bakery! I just want everyone to be happy, and nothing makes people happier than cupcakes. I put all my care and attention into everything I bake, and I hope you enjoy my work! Feel free to leave a comment below…


July  8, 2019 Venus sextile Uranus
Uranus – 159 friends, 523 reviews
Fantastic and friendly service! Went above and beyond to accommodate both my unusual tastes and numerous food sensitivities. We actually came up with a new regular item together. Next time you’re in, ask for the gluten free broccoli macaroons!


July 16, 2019    Venus quincunx Jupiter
Jupiter – 15,238 friends, 876 reviews
At first this cheerful and brightly lit shop looked like it was going to be a pure delight. Unfortunately, Venus was unable to fulfill my order. She started feeding me a line about how much work it takes to bake cupcakes and that there was no way she could produce the cupcakes I needed with an hour’s notice for the annual shareholders convention. I took everything in stock though, and I admit they were delicious.


July 17, 2019    Venus opposite Saturn
Saturn – 0 friends, 12,378 reviews
Would give this place zero stars if I could. The owner was trying too hard, and I found her to be sickeningly sweet, like her products. I requested something less sugary and with more protein, and she was unable to provide this. She said I was being cruel and unfair. I told her that’s how business works: the customer is always right.


July 18, 2019    Venus trine Neptune
Neptune – 8170 friends, 923 reviews
I had such a good time in this shop! Venus was charming and delightful, and her products are absolutely delicious! I stayed there and spent all my money until (unfortunately) I experienced diabetic shock. Still, even the ambulance ride afterwards was fun!


July 21, 2019    Venus opposite Pluto
Pluto – 730 friends, 1476 reviews
I was immediately drawn into this delightful establishment by the bright signage out front and the tempting smell coming from within. The owner was appealing and her baking was delicious. Nonetheless I found myself compelled to break a couple of display cases on my way out, just so she’d remember me next time I showed up.


July 24, 2019    Mercury conjunct Venus
Mercury – 7518 friends, 23805 reviews
Such a fun and friendly environment! I really loved everything Venus has done with the place! We got along really well, and had a lot of great ideas together. I can hardly wait until the shop re-opens in a few days to see how many of my ideas she has implemented!


July 27    Venus enters Leo
Hello, everyone, and welcome to my new Beauty Salon! I just want everyone to be happy, and nothing makes people happier than a new hairdo and a manicure…


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