Finally... clear-cut directions from an astrologer!
Finally… clear-cut directions from an astrologer!

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Here’s the most important astrological forecast of the month. Really? Yes! Why? Knowing when the Moon Void of Course is happening is probably the handiest of all the common astrological techniques. Learn it, make it work for you, and save yourself tons of unnecessary aggravation!

Seriously: you want to see what REAL astrology can REALLY do? Start by learning about the Void of Course Moon and then avoid starting new projects or initiatives during that time and you’ll be amazed by the results. Imagine it: a guide to how to be more successful AND a permission slip from The Universe to goof off sometimes!

(All times are Eastern)

July  1, 2019    5:48 PM     Moon conjunct Venus V/C
July  1, 2019    9:24 PM      Moon enters Cancer
July  3, 2019   10:25 AM    Moon opposite Pluto V/C**
July  3, 2019   11:19 PM     Moon enters Leo
July  5, 2019    2:24 AM      Moon trine Jupiter V/C
July  6, 2019   12:25 AM     Moon enters Virgo
July  7, 2019   12:50 PM      Moon trine Pluto V/C**
July  8, 2019    2:07 AM       Moon enters Libra
July  9, 2019    3:35 PM       Moon square Pluto V/C**
July 10, 2019    5:28 AM      Moon enters Scorpio
July 11, 2019    8:28 PM       Moon sextile Pluto V/C**
July 12, 2019   11:05 AM      Moon enters Sagittarius
July 13, 2019    9:30 PM        Moon square Neptune V/C**
July 14, 2019    7:05 PM        Moon enters Capricorn
July 16, 2019    5:38 PM        Sun opposite Moon V/C
July 17, 2019    5:19 AM       Moon enters Aquarius
July 18, 2019   11:53 AM      Moon sextile Jupiter V/C
July 19, 2019    5:19 PM        Moon enters Pisces
July 22, 2019    4:34 AM        Sun trine Moon V/C
July 22, 2019    6:02 AM        Moon enters Aries
July 24, 2019   10:48 AM       Moon square Mercury V/C
July 24, 2019    5:42 PM        Moon enters Taurus
July 27, 2019   12:28 AM       Moon sextile Venus V/C
July 27, 2019    2:29 AM         Moon enters Gemini
July 28, 2019   11:24 AM        Moon square Neptune V/C**
July 29, 2019    7:31 AM         Moon enters Cancer
July 30, 2019   11:32 PM        Moon conjunct Mercury V/C
July 31, 2019    9:18 AM         Moon enters Leo

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Particularly long and/or annoying Voids are marked with **

Note: Times are for Eastern Time, or as New Yorkers call it, “hurry up, already!”

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