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matthew currie astrology twin flamesDuring the month of August I’ll be presenting a series about Twin Flames. Or, maybe Soul Mates. Or, Whatever.

Q: What’s the difference between Twin Flames and Soul Mates and um… Whatever?

It seems to me that in past, people used to refer to their ideal life partner as their “soulmate.” It seems that the average person, going through a few false starts, usually ends up giving up on the concept of a “Soul Mate,” or then assumes that people have many “Soul Mates” but one true Twin Flame. Or, Whatever. I dunno, man.

Q: Wait, you don’t even believe in Twin Flames or Soul Mates or Whatevers?

I wouldn’t say that. I’ve seen it happen to others. Lots of physicists have reason to believe that a thing called “Dark Matter” exists, but hasn’t been conclusively proven to exist yet, or what form it may take. So I guess I’m like that: a lot of observation and a fair amount of faith. I just really dislike putting a label on the phenomenon, so from now on I will be referring to be concept as “TFSMW.”

Q: What makes you an expert about these things?

I’ve spent about 25 years doing readings on people with all sorts of relationships in all sorts of conditions, many of whom seem to have found their TFSMW.

Q: How does your personal history of relationships apply to this series?

Let me put it to you this way:

Imagine you’re back in Junior High and you are waiting for Shop Class to start. The instructor walks in and tries politely to gain the class’s attention. After a couple of minutes the students are (mostly) actually listening. The instructor (who would clearly rather be teaching French this semester) opens up the textbook.

He announces that before he starts teaching there are some safety rules. He meekly begins by reading from the book. “All power tools should be unplugged before moving them. Hmm. That seems like common sense…”

Within minutes you are bored half to death and regret having signed up for Shop Class.

I am not that Shop Teacher.

Now imagine the same scenario, except this time the instructor walks in and slams his textbook down on his desk to get everyone’s attention. “ALL RIGHT, EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION!” he shouts, deaf from having spent over two decades around loud teenagers and even louder equipment. “RULE ONE: NEVER MOVE A POWER TOOL WHILE IT’S STILL PLUGGED IN!”

He then dramatically raises both his hands to show them off to you and the class. He’s missing three fingers. “ASK ME HOW I KNOW!”

I am THAT Shop Teacher.

Q: There’s going to be some astrology involved too, right?

Sure. But like any good Love Story, there will be some diversions first.

Q: Like, for example…?

Like next time, when I talk about flightless birds. Drop by for that, okay?

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