matthew currie astrology emilia clarkeEmilia Clarke, the actress best known for playing Daenerys Targaryen on Game Of Thrones, recently startled her fans by telling the story of the two strokes she had in 2011 and 2013 that nearly killed her.

Emilia was born October 23rd 1986 in London England. Without a time of birth, we can’t be exact about where her Moon is, or about her ascendant or house placements. Even so, when it comes to the risk of a cerebral hemorrhage, one thing immediately stands out. She has a close square in her birth chart between Mars in Aquarius and Pluto in Scorpio. I should also note that Aquarius is the general ruler of “circulation.”

We can’t be precise about her Moon’s location, but even if she was born very early or very late in the day, her Moon is in range of the opposition to Neptune. When most students of astrology think about the brain, they will often assume that it is ruled by Mercury, because Mercury rules “thinking.” However, when we’re talking about the physical matter of the brain itself, that’s ruled by the Moon.

If we drill down deeper into the details, there are a couple of other indicators of a potential stroke. Her Nodes are square her Mars-Neptune midpoint, and if you are a big fan of obscure astrological techniques, her Mars is conjunct the Arabic Part of Catastrophe.

But even knowing all this, would an astrologer have warned Emilia about the risk of a stroke occurring in early 2011? The answer is: probably not, and the reason extends beyond the astrology. Certainly having a time of birth would clarify things. But even so, most astrologers know better than to panic about the risk of a stroke, especially when the client is an otherwise perfectly healthy woman in her early to mid-20s. An astrologer might have asked about a family history of strokes, but apparently there wasn’t one.

That, and with both astrology and life in general, hindsight is 20/20. And so it was on the morning of February 11th 2011 while working out at the gym had a massive stroke without warning. Transiting Mercury was conjunct her Mars and square her Pluto, and the transiting Sun and Mars were conjunct right on top of her secondary progressed Mars, and the transiting nodes were conjunct her Moon Neptune opposition.

But: in light of what happened in February of 2011, could an astrologer doing a reading for Emilia in 2012 have foreseen the stroke she had in 2013? The answer is a much more obvious “yes.”

I concluded that (although the potential for a stroke was in her birth chart) and the transits certainly triggered it off, it’s not the sort of thing an astrologer would have likely spotted. There are certain transits that can, for example, predict the high probability of pregnancy… but you wouldn’t normally make that prediction for a woman in her 60s. Likewise, Emilia Clarke was a perfectly healthy 24 year old when she had her first stroke.

But: Emilia Clarke had a second stroke in April of 2013. In fact it was much worse then the first one. Knowing her susceptibility to strokes, couldn’t an astrologer looking at her transits in 2012 have warned her? The answer this time is much more definitely “yes.”

The biggest single indicator for cardiovascular accidents in Emilia’s birth chart is the close square between Mars in Aquarius and Pluto in Scorpio. In late April 2013, transiting Saturn was conjunct her Pluto, and at the time of the stroke transiting Saturn was less than a degree from the exact square to her Mars. Furthermore, her secondary progressed Mars at that time was in a close square to her secondary progressed Sun, and transiting Jupiter was closely opposite her natal Uranus.

So when we put all of this together, with the knowledge that Emilia Clarke had already had one major stroke in 2011, it would have been relatively easy to warn her about the risk of another one in the spring of 2013.

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