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matthew currie astrology tucker carlsonIs Tucker Carlson a misogynist?

Whether you are an astrologer or not, it’s best to be objective about others before coming to any major judgements. Knee-jerk reactions can frequently be wrong, and if you are pre-judging a person’s character, astrology is unlikely to do anything other than confirm what you were looking for in the first place. I’ve seen someone say that “astrology never lies.” Even if that is true, you’ve got to admit that humans (including those who use astrology) get things wrong plenty.

Fox News TV host Tucker Carlson (born May 16th 1969, 10:07 AM, San Francisco California) has come under fire because of a report on Media Matters For America based on his numerous conversations between 2006 and 2011 on the radio program hosted by a guy who calls himself Bubba The Love Sponge. The Media Matters report tells us that among all other things on the show, Tucker referred to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton as “the biggest white whores in America.” He also said some choice things defending sex with underage girls, advocated for the repeal of so-called rape shield laws, and some other things I’m not going to repeat here. This is Beliefnet after all, and we run a family-friendly operation here.

But can we actually see misogyny in a birth chart? There might be indicators of that possibility, even though I constantly insist that the moral choices one makes with their birth chart are separate from and beyond the birth chart itself.


If we are looking for someone’s attitude about the genders in their birth chart, there are four places we can look. Traditionally, men and masculinity are ruled by the Sun and Mars. Women and femininity are ruled by the Moon and Venus. So all else being equal, if we saw someone with a seriously debilitated Sun and a very strong Moon (for example), we might be tempted to think they favor women over men But again, it’s not that simple.

At first glance Tucker Carlson’s birth chart presents us with a bit of a challenge. He was born on a New Moon, with his Sun and Moon closely conjunct in Taurus. This can make for a person who is  pretty headstrong about their opinions and may not be terribly objective, but it’s no obvious indicator of bias towards one gender or another.

Tucker’s Mars is in Sagittarius. That doesn’t tell us anything obvious about his attitude towards women either, but it is in a close opposition to his Mercury in Gemini. That’s certainly indicative of someone who isn’t afraid to speak their opinions — even under circumstances where they should maybe keep it to themselves.

His Sun and Moon are both ruled by Venus, and his Venus is in Aries. Venus is considered to be in debility there, because it is opposite Libra, which is one of the Signs that Venus rules. That doesn’t necessarily make him a misogynist either. But we should note that the only major aspects that his Venus receives are a trine from his Mars and a sextile from his Mercury. This is another indicator that he might not be very shy about speaking up when it comes to his opinion of women. If there was anything controversial about opinion of women in general, now might be the time it comes to the surface — given that transiting Neptune is square both his Mercury and his Mars.

But again, nothing in his chart absolutely insists that he is a misogynist, or that if he was he would go around saying misogynistic things in public. Always remember that astrology should never be used as an excuse to back up your own preconceptions about a person.


(Fifteen minutes later, after reading the transcripts and listening to Tucker Carlson speak about women in his own voice)

Ugh. Yeah, okay. Tucker Carlson is a misogynist.

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