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matthew currie astrology star trek discovery(Lots of places on the Internet will tell you how astrology works. Today, I present a special look inside the thought processes of an astrologer, annotated here with **)

Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery premieres today on CBS All Access in the United States, and frankly I’m a little worried… but not for the same reason most fans are worried. I’m not concerned with the things that usually bother the fans. Fans love to complain about how many new iteration of Star Trek violates “canon” (“it’s already been clearly established that nothing can achieve warp 10, yet the USS Voyager did it. What the heck is with that?”).

Frankly, I’m worried because of the astrology.

(**No, the astrology is actually pretty good for it, and there have already been positive reviews. You’re just fretting because there are four planets transiting opposite your Moon right now and you’re sleep deprived.And you’ve already used the word “worried” three times. Damn, buddy, you might as well scream I HAVE MOON IN CANCER OMG sixty times until you hit your word count!)

If you are unfamiliar with Star Trek’s birth chart, please click here and have a look at my previous article on it. One thing you may notice is it the actual first public showing of Star Trek was two days before what is commonly accepted as Star Trek’s “birthdate.” And the transits for the season premiere of Star Trek Discovery have me worried.

(**That’s because you’re not objective about it. Aren’t you always warning other astrologers about doing their own readings? What’s that line you always use with them? “Even the world’s best surgeon shouldn’t take out his own appendix?” Also: that the fourth appearance of “worried.” You DO know how to use a thesaurus, don’t you?)

Overall, Star Trek’s transits are pretty good and will be for the next couple of years. The Saturn Pluto conjunction that is coming up is in an excellent place for Star Trek, there are at least three Star Trek series currently in development, one of which features the return of fan favorite Jean-Luc Picard, played by Patrick Stewart.

(**Quit agonizing about them screwing up the Picard series! They aren’t even filming it yet!)

But it would be a mistake to overlook Saturn recent transit over Star Trek’s Midheaven and square its Ascendant. Season One of Star Trek Discovery got a decidedly mixed reaction, and underperformed by the usual Star Trek standards. Yes, a lot of fans hate the new series and want to see it get canceled. However, I for one respect the risks the show has taken with the formula.

(**Oh, like the risk you’re taking now, messing with the standard astrology blog format? You haven’t slept properly in days. And now you’re just rambling in public. Go take a nap before the how comes on!)

In conclusion: the astrologer is a geek.

(**Yeah, we know. Now get some sleep)

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