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matthew currie astrology compatibility uranus(This blog entry is part of a series about how the planets in your birth chart affect other people, for better or worse. Click here for the introduction.)

THE PLANET: Uranus, the planet that has at least three different ways you can pronounce its name… and all of them sound at least a little bit shady.

WHAT IT DOES FOR YOU: Uranus is usually associated with eccentricity and rebellion. More to the point, Uranus is where you get your ability to hear that different drummer, then march to that beat, whatever it may be.

WHAT IT MEANS FOR LOVE AND ROMANCE: If your definitions of either love or romance are strictly generic and could be applied to any randomly-selected stranger, we wouldn’t need to be talking about Uranus right now. Ideally though, shouldn’t you love someone for who they are as an individual?

WHAT IT DOES TO OTHERS (GOOD): Nothing lends spark to a relationship like Uranus. The biggest complaint most people seem to have about their long-term relationships is that they tend to get boring after a while. Uranus rules a lot of things, but boredom is definitely not one of them.

WHAT IT DOES TO OTHER PLANETS (BAD): On the other hand, maintaining a relationship also requires some stability. If one of you is rubbing the other person’s Uranus the wrong way, one of you is going to think the other one is either a huge bummer — or a freak. The wrong kind of freak.

HOW DO I WORK WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S URANUS? There are tons of articles all over the Internet about how to make a relationship more exciting. and in theory, Uranus loves using technology and “doing its own thing.” So I’m going to let you look up the answer to this one yourself…

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