matthew currie bill cosby astrology guilty“This was a serious crime, Mr. Cosby, this has all circled back to you. The day has come, the time has come.”
-Judge Steven O’Neill

Bill Cosby has been sentenced to 3 to 10 years in State Prison for sexual assault against Andrea Constand. On the one hand, his transits today tell the entire story. Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct his Mars in his Eighth House (sexual matters), he is having his Saturn square, and transiting Pluto is conjunct his Jupiter (ruler of his 9th house, pertaining to matters of just). Case closed. Or is it?

I have written here about Bill Cosby a couple of times. Both times I’ve tried to focus on his transits rather than the aspects in his birth chart, because the longer I’m an astrologer, the more I realize that the birth chart reveals potentials, but one still has a choice about what one does with them. And to be honest with you, I neither understand Bill Cosby’s thinking nor do I particularly want to understand it.

There will be a tendency among many astrologers, myself as well, to point to Jupiter in Scorpio as being the reason this (and so many other cases) in the #metoo movement have come to the forefront. There is certainly a case to be made there, but it’s not as if men in power started behaving badly the moment Jupiter enters Scorpio, and they will all stop the moment it leaves.

Perhaps the one thing we can say with some certainty, given the results of today’s sentencing and looking at the transits, is that the story of Bill Cosby is over. Certainly the sentence which was handed down, indicates it’s over for him doesn’t it?

But is this story really over?


When an astrologer looks at a birth chart and the transits to determine what is happening and what will come, there is a natural tendency to think of a person’s life as being like a sliced loaf of bread. This is the slice where you are unemployed, next comes the slice where you get the job. that’s followed by the slice where you get the raise in the promotion, and then the slice where you get laid off, and so on. From a broader perspective though, life isn’t exactly like that. It’s all connected. If a difficult set of transits causes a shark to bite your leg off next week, those transits will all pass in time. You’re still going to be missing a leg though, aren’t you?

Bill Cosby’s story is pretty much done from our perspective. Certainly it’s hard to imagine Cosby himself envisions much of a future for himself from this point onward. Case closed. Move on to the next celebrity scandal, right?

From the perspective of someone writing an astrology blog, that seems like a satisfying ending. But what about the ongoing lives his victims will lead? What about the hundreds of actors and writers and directors who have been cheated out of residual payments because no TV network in their right mind is going to rerun Bill Cosby’s shows anymore?

No man is an island. No one transit happens in isolation. And no one’s actions, either yours or mine or anyone else’s, are truly isolated.

Make good choices with your birth chart and your transits, okay people?

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