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matthew currie astrology solar eclipse in leoAstrology, like life in general, can be pretty complicated. Nothing points this out more clearly than when an Eclipse happens. Eclipses aren’t like regular transits that just have an effect when they are exact. Think of an Eclipse as leaving a little dent in your birth chart that can be tripped off by other transits later on, in fact for the rest of the year in the case of our recent set of Eclipses. They are like a landmine that only goes off once you’ve forgotten that you buried it there.

This Saturday, there is the third of three Eclipses for this season, happening at 18 degrees Leo. Like the last two, this one also features a particularly nasty Mars square Uranus… which can cause difficulty enough on its own. Notice anything blowing up in your life in the last month or so? That square is as likely to blame as the Eclipses have been.

Eclipses are often a source of alarm for astrologers and astrology fans alike, possibly because their effects can be so unpredictable. Thankfully, I have finally discovered a clear-cut and scientific way to describe the effects of this Eclipse on you: the internet quiz!



1) Do you have any important placements in your birth chart that are close to 18 degrees Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius for Taurus? (Give yourself one point for every one of them)

2) Are you friends with, in love with, related to, or working for or with anyone with any major placements around 8 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus? (Give yourself one point for each of those)

3) Do you enjoy being in a panic over astrological transits? (If so, give yourself as many points as you like)

4) Do you recognize that transits often bring surprises, but that not all surprises are bad, and ultimately the universe wants the best for you? (Add up how many points you have so far, multiply that by 2, then subtract it from the total)

5) Do you worry about random things happening that are out of your control, even if in the long run those things might be very beneficial to you or help you grow as a person? (Pick two random numbers over a hundred and multiply them by each other)


1-5 points: You should not be concerned about Saturday’s Solar Eclipse in Leo. At all. Life is non-stop growth and enlightenment and awesomeness!

6-10 points: You need only be mildly concerned it best. Hey, life’s an adventure, and every good adventure has some plot twists, right?

11 or more points: Why do you need an internet quiz to tell you to panic, when that’s obviously what you were going to do anyway?

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