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beliefnet astrology matthew currie scorpioYes, it’s absolutely true: Scorpio has the reputation for being more about the sex than any other Sign of the Zodiac. Is that a fair characterization, when the other eleven Signs seems pretty fond of it too? Maybe not. But one thing is for sure: few can play their cards closer to the vest when it comes to their feelings than Scorpio can… until they unleash the full force of their hormones, that is. If that sounds like something you want to get in on, follow these instructions, but first, check out the Introduction to this series by clicking HERE.

ENTERING DEEP HEAD SPACE: Getting close to someone physically includes getting close to them mentally. That can be especially daunting with a Scorpio, because they have a certain natural aloofness (when they want to) that they use as a highly effective defense mechanism. You’ll need to get in there and find out what makes your Scorpion tick if you want to get The Big Prize.

I’LL SHOW YOU MINE…: This brings us to your mind. Specifically, a Scorpio doesn’t usually want to drop their guard around you unless you’ve done some of the same first. Don’t be surprised if it feels like you aren’t getting a whole lot of information but you yourself are being subjected to a bit of a job interview. It’s okay: your Scorpio is just trying to establish trust, which doesn’t always come easily to them.

YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT: …And just as importantly, Scorpio knows you want it too. Just because this should be an easy thing to negotiate doesn’t mean you should be “easy.” Scorpio likes to be tempted and then have to work for it just a little. You’re worth that, aren’t you? Resistance may be futile, but a bit of it can be pretty alluring.

HEY, LET’S NOT RUSH THIS: You might be in such a rush to bed your Scorpio, and (in combination with that reputation of theirs) you might forget that there’s a person attached to that birth chart. Cuddling? Niceness? Good humor? Yes, Scorpio responds to these things as much as the next guy does. And yes, sometimes during the thrill of the hunt that can be overlooked. Bring those things to the table along with your technique and you’ll go far.

And finally, if you don’t want to send that Scorpio away, here’s something to avoid: lying like a rug! Okay, sure: everyone wants people to be honest with them, and dating often involves a little… um, salesmanship. But Scorpio has a particular talent for spotting stray lies (even little ones), and there’s no faster way to send a Scorpio away than to make them think you’re trying to pull a fast one on them.

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