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beliefnet astrology matthew currie incompatible signsA typical horoscope lays out what you can expect for yourself in the next week or month based on your Sun Sign. That sort of thing is great, sure… especially if you happen to be the only person on your planet. Astrology, like life in general, is a lot more complicated than “there are twelve types of people, and here’s what’s going to happen to them today.”

This “horoscope” is a listing of the major planetary aspects, ingresses, and events for April 2018. Each aspect is described below, with the date the aspect is exact and a “+/-” which indicates the number of days that aspect will be most in effect. Generally, the closer to the exact date, the more pronounced the effect of the transit. And of course, as with everything else in life: your mileage may vary.

But first, a word about aspects in general. Conjunctions, squares and oppositions can all be difficult. They generate the sort of energy that can get all up in your face and is hard to ignore, but it’s hard to get much done in life without the raw energy they supply. Trines and sextiles are helpful and constructive, but it’s easy to miss out on the opportunities they provide unless you make an effort.

April  1     Sun conjunct Mercury
(+/- 3 days) You may be having powerful thoughts and ideas, but they may prove difficult to express properly.

April  2    Mars conjunct Saturn
(+/- 10 days) This is an incredibly powerful energy — and it’s potentially more than a little dangerous. Obstacles can be overcome and barriers can be broken, but be especially cautious with your temper and how you use force. Using a shotgun to swat a fly might work, but is it really a good idea?

April  4     Mercury square Mars
(+/- 3 days) Do you really have brilliant insights to share with the world, or are you just in a mood to shout at someone? Try to know the difference.

April  5     Mercury square Saturn
(+/-4 days) Ouch! My brain hurts! Me think too hard! Me not get results from it!

April  7     Venus trine Saturn
(+/- 6 days) Bring some stability to your finances and your affections.

April 11    Sun square Pluto
(+/- 3 days) People’s egos maybe a little wounded, and they might cross some lines shoring up their personal defenses.

April 11    Venus trine Mars
(+/- 4 days) A good time for meeting, greeting, and socializing. Also: sex drives get turned up a notch.

April 12    Venus sextile Neptune
(+/- 4 days) Dreamy and floaty energy abounds. Be careful not to invest your money or your heart on a whim.

April 14     Jupiter sextile Pluto
(+/- 10 days) Philosophical insights get deeper. Goals can be achieved through innovative (and even fun!) ways. Matters of law and business generally go well.

April 14     Mars sextile Neptune
(+/- 6 days) You and everyone else get a little more charming and a little more sexy. Go ahead and flirt, but don’t let that salesman talk you into anything you don’t need.

April 15 Mercury goes direct

April 15 New Moon in Aries
An excellent time to set your intentions for the next month. Since this New Moon is conjunct Uranus, make your intentions creative, exciting, and maybe a bit freaky.

April 17     Venus opposite Jupiter
(+/- 5 days) Be happy! Have fun and be flirty! Totally give up on sticking to your diet!

April 17     Venus trine Pluto
(+/- 3 days) Your affections and your appetites deepen… and possibly become more demanding. Be careful with that.

April 17 Chiron enters Aries

April 18    Sun conjunct Uranus
(+/- 3 days) Bold approaches can bring excellent results — but don’t let things go to your head. Egos may be a bit out of control.

April 19 Sun enters Taurus
(+/- 4 days) A month’s worth of booming business for restaurants and bakeries as the feed the Taurus Birthday party appetite.

April 22 Pluto retrograde

April 24     Mars sextile Jupiter
(+/- 6 days) An opportunity to usefully employ your energy towards making your life (and those of others) a better place.

April 25     Mercury square Saturn
(+/-4 days) Just like April 5th, except this time Mercury isn’t retrograde. Does that help? Not much.

April 26     Mars conjunct Pluto
(+/- 6 days) This is a powerful time for blowing things up… just make sure you choose your targets wisely. Both literally and figuratively: watch your blood pressure.

April 29 Full Moon in Scorpio
No reason to panic. I’m sure it’s perfectly safe to go skinny dipping at midnight tonight. It’s Camp Crystal Lake… what could possibly go wrong?

April 29     Sun trine Saturn
(+/- 5 days) A good time to “get your act together” and make some positive changes in your life.

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