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beliefnet astrology matthew currie 12 signs of loveI admit it: I love you guys (in a pure and noble way, of course). I want to see you happy and well with fulfilling love lives. That’s why over the course of the next twelve blog entries I’m going to be presenting you with a fun, informative, and easy to follow guide as to how to seduce people by Sign.

“Oh dear,” you say while clutching your pearls in distress. “Love and romance are delightful, but seduction? Surely such a thing is beneath someone of such a noble bearing as myself!”

Well, actually… no it’s not. If you find a new restaurant and really enjoy their food and are delighted by your experience there, that’s a good thing. But if when you found that restaurant, no matter how good their offerings, your first impression had been of the old yellow flypaper in need of replacing hanging in the front window, a chain-smoking chef standing in the front entrance spitting on the sidewalk, and a menu thumb-tacked on the front door, hanging askew, and stained with what could possibly be human blood… you wouldn’t have been very likely to discover the joys of their Caesar salad in the first place, would you?

Don’t think of seduction as “talking someone into something they’d rather not do” or “trickery” or anything like that. When we speak of seduction here, we don’t want you to be anyone other than when what you really are. Seduction is merely a way to learn another person’s love language: how to relate to it, how to work with it, and thus be able to get the best results for both of you. And it’s useful for both capturing someone’s attention and for keeping it.

I’m going to be talking about this subject by Sign, but when we say “Sign” we don’t just mean “the Sun Sign.” This information can (and should) be applied to a person’s Venus and Mars placement as well. Here’s how that works.

The Sun is representative of a person’s basic spark of life, essence, or Ego. No matter what the other placements in a person’s birth chart are like, the Sun always has some role to play in attraction and romance. In general, the Sun likes having fun, and romance should be fun, right?

The Venus Sign tells us how a person likes their comfort and delights. The Sun Sign may be the main course, but Venus is the dessert. And have you ever noticed how an otherwise mediocre meal can be made great by a brilliant dessert? Venus is often considered “feminine,” and although there’s a certain truth to that, that interpretation is also a little simplistic. Think of it more as the ideal “soft sell” approach to a person’s heart.

Mars, on the other hand, is more active, direct, and aggressive. It is compelling. It lights the fire under you that gets things done. True, Mars can be a bit of an animal sometimes. But the truth is: people like animals, generally speaking. Just look at how many of them there are on the Internet! Oh, and speaking of “things you find a lot of on the Internet”? Mars also rules the sex drive. So let’s not neglect the role it plays in love and romance.

So get ready to learn how to turn the crank of all twelve Signs. Apply our advice and you will learn how to better win over the heart and soul of someone you care about… and if you apply the information to yourself, you’ll also learn a lot about what you’re really looking for. That’s useful information too. After all: how can you find that Certain Someone who’s going to fill that need of yours if you don’t know what your needs really are?

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