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KJ writes:

“If I have planets late in degrees, am I relatively safe from the effects of a Void of Course Moon?”

(Click here for details on what the heck a “Void of Course Moon” is, if you aren’t familiar with the concept)

I’m glad you asked about this, because it gives me an opportunity to hold forth on one of my favorite astrological subjects. It has long been my contention that if people want to make real effective use of astrology in their everyday lives, they needn’t spend years learning about the planets and Signs and progressions and aspects and such. The single most effective astrological technique that anyone can use is learning how to work with the Void of Course Moon. And lucky you, I publish a list of those dates and times on the 1st of every month or immediately before beforehand right here!

First of all, let’s keep in mind that any new initiative taken under a Void of Course Moon is not automatically doomed to failure. Starting under a Void of Course Moon just increases the odds that things will somehow go astray or not work out.

In theory, having plenty of placements in the late degrees might make one slightly less susceptible to the effects of the Void Moon. If the Moon is Void of Course at say 28 degrees Aries and your Moon is at 28 or 29 degrees Leo, theoretically that is going to be a good time. The problem however is that any action you take isn’t going to be, strictly speaking, just about you.

Everything has a birth chart. Yes, really. You do. I do. The cat does. The moment you get out of bed in the morning, that cup of coffee you buy, that email you send, and the moment you apply for a job all have a distinct origin in space and time. Even Godzilla has a birth chart. So you might be having a particularly good transits for buying a car tomorrow, overall, but I’d sign that deal before the Void of Course Moon kicks in… otherwise you might end up with a lemon, or a financing problem.

True Story: I once knew a clairvoyant who invested a great deal of time, energy, and money into what was going to be a weekly video production. She had her debut scheduled for a Void of Course Moon, and I warned her about this. She dismissed my warning with the claim that since most of her planets were late and degrees, the Void of Course Moon didn’t affect her.

Sure enough, she did her first live show and it was riddled with technical problems. So was the second episode of a week later when the Moon was also aVoid. On week 3 the Moon wasn’t Void and her regularly scheduled time and things went okay. Week 4? The Moon went Void of Course half an hour before showtime and she couldn’t even connect to the internet. Then she gave up.

There are two obvious lessons here. Lesson One is that you shouldn’t push your luck with the Void of Course Moon. Lesson Two is, of course, even a clairvoyant should listen to their astrologer.

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