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Before I can move on with Part Two of Finding Love With Astrology (if you missed it, Part One is HERE), something needs to be said.

Venus and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces now, and in some ways that makes it an ideal time to talk about love, falling in love, and finding love. However, neither Venus or Neptune are particularly known for their sense of discernment. So perhaps, before I move on with my intended subject, we need to take a minute to assess the potential hazards. I believe something needs to be said loudly and clearly:

Love should not be taken lightly.

Sure, it would be great to have someone who you can share your thoughts and feelings with, who you could have sex with, who you could complain to about your day at work, and so on.

But take it from me: this is something I have learned myself, first-hand about love. Not just any old love, but the Big Love that so many of you are seeking.

Love can be dangerous. It requires risk and exposure and bravery and a willingness to overcome what has wounded you in past. Love can heal but in order to do so the wounds that it heals must be exposed first. Real Love is accepting, but generally doesn’t abide a coward all that well.

Are you really up to that challenge? If so, then stay tuned for Part Two of this series,

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