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matthew currie find love with astrologyIn Part One of this series (click HERE to read that first if you haven’t already) we had a look at the birth chart of TJ, who appears to be a real catch as far as a potential mate, but things don’t seem to have worked out that well for her so far. Now that we’ve examined her relationship potential, here in Part Two we will be looking at the other way in which astrology can help with the search for True Love — timing.

If getting out and dating is sometimes called “a meat market,” then it makes sense to display your wares at times when you have the best chance of attracting customers. For that, we need to look at the transits to your birth chart.

There are a few things you can do to use astrology to your advantage without even having to be an astrologer. Both the Fifth House and the Seventh House are related to romance and relationships. In your case, that means that whenever the Moon is in Virgo or Scorpio, (especially if it is a waxing Moon), you will have better than average odds of finding what you’re looking for (there are lots of places on the Internet where you can look that sort of thing up). A similar principle applies when the Moon is in Sagittarius, which is your 8th House (which is more related to sex than romance, strictly speaking). A New Moon in Virgo or Scorpio indicates the beginning of a month of improved romantic conditions for you. Finally, try to avoid starting any date when the Moon is Void of Course. I run a list of those dates and times on my blog here at the end of every month, so keep checking in with me!

There are also specific time frames coming up for you that will improve your odds at finding a romantic partner. Between now and early November of this year, Jupiter will be passing through Scorpio. This has a double association with committed relationships, as Jupiter is considered to be the natural ruler of marriage and commitment, and Scorpio is your Seventh house. September and October could prove particularly interesting, as Jupiter will also be opposite your Venus at that time.

The eclipse on February 15th of this year is throwing a wild card into the works, and in your case this could be a very good thing. Eclipses often represent where the Universe is going to throw you a curveball, and the February 15th eclipse landed exactly on your South Node. This indicates there could very well be some surprises in store for you between now and July as far as people you have some sort of a past life connection or karmic relationship with — and that can include people you haven’t even met yet.

Pay special attention to the last week of September and the first week of October this year, when Jupiter is opposite your Venus, Venus is on your Descendant (the point in your birth chart most associated with relationships), and all this happens after the New Moon in Virgo. If there is one part of the year that could be considered prime time for romance, it would be then.

And: if fate brings you your Prince Charming, TJ, and you end up getting married? Have an open bar at the reception… and feel free to invite your astrologer.

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