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matthew currie astrology venus in piscesBetween now and March 6th, Venus will be passing through Pisces. In theory this is good news, because Pisces is the Sign where Venus is considered to be exalted: in other words, where it does its best work.

In practice however, even a strong Venus tends to be a bit lazy. Mars transits might spur you to action, and Saturn transits might slap you in the face until you do something with them, but Venus is a little too lady-like for her own good sometimes. If you want to get the most mileage out of this particular time, you need to make a conscious effort to work with that energy.

Here is a guide based on your Rising Sign as to how you can best take advantage of these conditions. If you don;t know your Rising Sign, a bit of this will apply to your Sun Sign too.

Aries Rising: There’s nothing wrong from taking a little time out from the world, and in fact you might benefit more than usual during this time from a little peace and quiet. Let’s be honest here: people can be pretty damned aggravating, and a bit of “Me Time” can make things more bearable.

Taurus Rising: Get out and socialize! Pisces is the Friendship House in your birth chart, and for many of us this time of year doesn’t present a lot of opportunities to get out and mingle. For business purposes, this is also an excellent time to do some networking.

Gemini Rising: You should be getting increased benefits from your work and career. This is also a good opportunity for you to reach out to your boss or other superiors for your benefit. Why not ask for a raise? You know you want to…

Cancer Rising: Try something new exotic in your pleasurable pursuits. Ever had Bhutanese food? Neither have I. It’s probably excellent though, so let’s go get some! You will also find increase benefit from things like prayer and meditation and attempts to access your Higher Mind.

Leo Rising: Now is a good time to organize your finances, especially when it comes to matters of loans or credit cards or mortgage debt. Oh, and by the way, your chances of getting more and better sex should be greatly improved.

Virgo Rising: Partnerships, whether we’re talking about romance or friendship or business partners, should work more smoothly at this time. If you are in a relationship and it’s time to kick things up a notch, this transit will improve your odds of success.

Libra Rising: You will be able to find happiness in the small details of life. Take better care of your health and diet, and organize your workplace environment so that it is more harmonious.

Scorpio Rising: If you are seeking romance, you’re always will be improved now. If you aren’t seeking romance, you just might end up finding some coming your way anyway. It’s also a good time for creative pursuits in general and for working with children.

Sagittarius Rising: Go ahead and loaf around the house. Sometimes you’ve just got to stay in bed and hide under the covers, and if you’ve ever planned a multi week vacation doing just exactly that, now is the time. Otherwise, just take the time to make your nest more comfortable.

Capricorn Rising: This is an excellent time for socializing, speaking your mind in a manner that will be well-received, and for making verbal or written peace offerings to those who have experienced conflict with recently.

Aquarius Rising: As is the case with Pisces Rising, you may find yourself drawing more than usual to good times and good food and spending money. Unlike Pisces Rising, you’re generally likely to have better results with that, and may actually find yourself making more money.

Pisces Rising: The good news here is that you will generally spend this time being well-liked, will get more positive attention, and may even actually look better. However, if you are struggling with your weight or your spending habits, you could find yourself giving into certain impulses more than is good for you.

For further information, please consult this video. Also, there is a cat at the end, and the Internet loves cats.

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