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matthew currie astrology compatibilitySome of you will love Valentine’s Day and others won’t, and there are plenty of Internet clicks to be made off of directing a message to either camp. Today though I would like to offer you all a third path: one offered both in the name of Romantic Love and in a more universal, more Aquarius way.

Regardless of my relationship status on any given Valentine’s Day, I have had a distinctly personal grievance with this occasion/event/compulsory romantic outburst for most of my life, as those of you who have read the Scorpio story in my e-book Twelve Signs Of Love already know (what, you haven’t written me for your free copy yet? The link is at the bottom of this blog entry). But as we stand here on the threshold of a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, I am feeling a profound opportunity for change. And if what is needed is a shift in your  conception of Love in general, please allow me to help you with that.

Valentine’s Day is too often more of a day for disappointment than delight. This particular Valentine’s Day will cut with a particular edge for many: Venus may be strongly placed in Pisces now, but it is receiving a semisquare from Pluto. The longings and injuries related to the subject of romantic love could be sharper and deeper.

Here is a Valentine’s Day gift for you, Dear Reader: a rare and precious opportunity to rise above the hurt.

The Solar Eclipse on the 15th may not have happened yet, but you can already access its energy. Eclipses can have a dramatic effect, and they spread their influence over many months instead of just one day as a regular New Moon does. But even a regular New Moon gives us an opportunity to reboot some part of our lives. Work consciously with an Eclipse, and you’re playing with power.

So: if you are cynical about love, if you are in a relationship that is painful or is falling apart, if you are in love with someone but the damage from previous relationships is making it hard to function and appreciate that love, or even if you’ve completely given up, then please… join me. Join me in rebooting your heart. Address your pain and disappointment and fear and insecurity and understand it for what it is — then speak the magic word to it and send it on its way.

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