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In Part One of this series, I discussed the secret hidden strength of this year’s transits that will give you the encouragement to make the changes for yourself that you really need to change… your motive, if you will. In Part Two,  I covered how Jupiter will give you both the optimism and good fortune to face the challenges ahead. Now, in the final part of the series, I’m going to tell you about the third astrological event of 2018 that will enable you to plow into the things that are holding you back.


As most of you know by now, Saturn has begun its long trip through Capricorn. Some of you are meeting this with dismay, and as I’ve argued before this is probably going to be much more of a good thing than a bad thing for you. In fact, Saturn will be so strongly placed for the next two and a half years that it can’t help but bring some vital structure and order to your life somehow.

Uranus leaves Aries and enters Taurus in mid-May this year, and it does not retreat back into Aries until early November. This means that Saturn trine Uranus will be in effect for most of this year.

How is that helpful? This relatively rare aspect Is a combination of the structure and resilience of Saturn with the energetically unique brilliance of Uranus. If these planets were joined by a more problematic aspect, like the square or opposition, this could frankly produce a great big mess. I often call trines “lazy”: they may combine the energies of two planets in a harmonious and useful way, but the trine does not shout its presence. It doesn’t slap you in the face like a harder to handle aspect would. If you want to get the most out of a trine, you need to be aware of it and do the work.

I’m telling you: you will want to do the work this year.

A lot of people dismiss astrology as being too fatalistic, as if you don’t have your hands on the wheel of your own life. I admit that even sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking that way. So: let’s all make the unique circumstances of 2018 work for us. You may not be able to have it all in this life, but I’ll bet you can probably think of something or other that you want to have that you don’t yet, whether it is stability in your finances or a sense of fulfillment with your career or happiness with your love life, or whatever it is you may be wanting.

This is the year you can get to work on those things, probably unlike ever before. Don’t disappoint me, and even more importantly? Don’t disappoint yourself.

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